Annual Flowers

Annual flowers have a life span of one season. Some of the annual flowers offered in our selection are not commonly found in many areas of the US but are very popular in the cooler areas of northern Europe and Alaska. When these cool loving varieties are grown in the warmer areas of the US they should be planted in the cooler times of the year, fall, winter and early spring for best results. Nasturtiums are a popular annual and grow well in Alaska's cool weather but is the only seed we have sold that will freeze. Since we ship seed in freezing weather we have discontinued selling Nasturtiums.

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Seed is sold by weight and all seed counts are approximate.

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Annual: Pansy, Swiss Giant #78 Annual: Pansy, Swiss Giant Mix (Perennial) #78

Net Wt. 175mg (approx. 160 to 170 seeds)
An perennial grown as an annual in the north country. Pansies are one of the best loved and most alluring of all garden flowers. This easy to grow Swiss variety produces very...

Petunia Multiflora Colorama Annual: Petunia, Multiflora, Colorama #118

Net Wt. 100mg (approx. 1250 to 1300 seeds)
The medium-sized 12-inch plants bear an abundance of showy single flowers in mixed colors from early summer until frost. The flower size of the multifloras is smaller than the...

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Annual: Scarlet Runner Bean #258 Annual: Scarlet Runner Bean #258

Net Wt. 14g (approx. 10 to 12 seeds)
Provides good tasting green snap beans that are excellent for table use and as an ornamental produces beautiful brilliant...

Snapdragon, Tall Maximia Mixed Colors Annual: Snapdragon: Tall Maximia Mixed Colors #308

Net Wt. 150 mg (Approx. 990 to 1020 seeds)
Snapdragons grow best in cool climates and bloom all summer in Alaska...

Sunflower, Mammoth Grey Stripe Annual: Sunflower, Mammoth Grey Stripe #378

Net Wt. 3.6g (approx. 22 to 24 seeds)
This easy, fast-growing gigantic 6 to 9-foot plant produces an immense 8 to 14-inch flowerhead with many single golden petals surrounding a large dark center that matures into sunflower...

Annual: Sweet Pea, Knee High Mix #398 Annual: Sweet Pea, Knee High Mix #398

Net Wt. 3g (approx. 25 to 30 seeds)

A bushy, attractive knee-high plant that doesn't require support. The plants are smothered with brilliantly colored, delightfully perfumed flowers on 12 inch stems, making them good...

Annual: Viola, Scotch Hybrids Mix (Perennial) #438 Annual: Viola, Scotch Hybrid Mix (Perennial) #438

Net Wt. 150mg (approx. 130 to 140 seeds)
A perennial grown as an annual in the north country. These large flowered violas are competing with their pansy cousins as superstars of the cool season garden. A perennial that has...

Alaska Wild Garden Mix #196 BIG PAK: Alaska Wild Garden Mix #196

7 gm  (Approx. 6000 to 6500 seeds)
Covers approximately 35 to 40 square feet when seed is evenly distributed.
A collection of beautiful, easy to grow, flowers mosly native to mountainous areas of...

BIG PAK: Annual: Nasturtium, Gleam Mixed #174 BIG PAK: Annual: Nasturtium, Gleam Mixed #174

10g (Approx. 65 to 75 seeds)A trailing type that grows to a height of 3 feet with large spicy fragrant double and semi-double flowers in shades of crimson, scarlet, yellow, cream and orange. May be trained to climb. Prefers cool...

BIG PAK: Annual: Sweet Pea, Early Mammoth #194 BIG PAK: Annual: Sweet Pea, Early Mammoth #194

Net Wt. 10g (Approx. 120 to 130 seeds)

This early, tall, 4 to 5 foot climber, is a strong-growing vine that produces many long stems, each with 5 or more large flowers. Mix includes the colors crimson, deep rose, lavender...

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