Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield #122

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Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield
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Net Wt. 1.5 g (Approx. 200 to 220 seeds)

An excellent, very early, heirloom introduced in about 1840. A variety developed in the US that quickly grows solid, sweet, tender, two to three pound, five to seven inch heads with a distinctly pointed, conical shape. A variety regarded by many as one of the best tasting cabbages. It’s compact size and the fact that is does well planted close makes it ideal for the raised bed gardener. It is generally grown for a summer harvest as it does over winter well and must be harvested as soon as it matures or the heads will split. It is one of the earliest and best cabbages around. Very reliable, excellent quality. A variety tested in Alaska by the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension.

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