Heirloom Varieties

GARDEN NATURES WAY Open pollinated heirloom varieties are proven by the test of time. They are simply a taste of the past. Still popular after 100 years, these open pollinated varieties have been prized by gardeners for generations. Denali Seed has a large enough selection of Alaska proven heirloom varieties to plant an entire garden. CLICK ON THE PHOTOS OR THE VARIETY HEADINGS BELOW TO SEE THE COMPLETE PLANT DESCRIPTION.

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Turnip, Purple Top White Globe #513 Turnip: Purple Top White Globe #513

Net Wt. 3g (Approx. 380 to 390 seeds)

An open pollinated, heirloom variety first listed in the James J. H. Gregory catalog in 1885. A variety that produces both nutritious, tasty greens and smooth, handsome, uniformly...

Tomato, Stupice #443 Outdoor/Greenhouse Tomato, Stupice #443, Outdoor Garden/Patio/Greenhouse

Net Wt. 100mg (Approx. 90 to 100 seeds)

An open pollinated, potato leaved heirloom sent to the US from former Czechoslovakia by Milan Sodomka. After three years of testing, data from the university...

Swiss Chard: Fordhook Giant #373 Swiss Chard: Fordhook Giant #373

Net Wt. 2.3g (Approx. 150 to 160 seeds)

A popular, open pollinated, heirloom that dates back to the 1750's. A main season, fine flavored, nutritious, bolt resistant, compact variety of superior quality that produces...

Squash, Zucchini: Black Beauty OP  #323 Squash, Zucchini: Black Beauty #323

Net Wt. 3g (Approx. 20 to 25 seeds)

All-America Selections Winner 1957 A early, award winning, open pollinated variety that is exceedingly popular because of it's awesome...

Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing #283 Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing #283

4g (Approx. 380 to 390 seeds)

An open pollinated, heirloom variety introduced in 1925. Not as long standing as some of the newer hybrid smooth leaved varieties but the best open pollinated and one of the best savoyed...

Rutabaga, American Purple Top #253 Rutabaga: American Purple Top #253

2.5g (Approx. 440 to 450 seeds)

A main season, open pollinated Heirloom introduced before 1920 as an improved strain of Purple Top Yellow. A variety that produces 4 to 6 inch, globe shaped roots with yellow skin that...

Organic Radish: White Icicle #409 Radish: White Icicle, Organic Seed #409

3.5g (Approx. 410 to 420 seeds)

Organic certified seed for an open pollinated heirloom called "new" in Maule's 1903 seed catalog. Round radishes are faily new to the vegetable scene, they came out in...

Radish: French Breakfast #173 Radish: French Breakfast #173

5g (Approx. 460 to 470 seeds)

An open pollinated heirloom of French origin listed by James J. H. Gregory of Marblehead, Massachusetts as early as 1875. Round radishes are fairly new to the vegetable scene and were...

Pumpkin, Small Sugar Pumpkin: Small Sugar #93

3g (Approx. 28 to 32 seeds)

An open pollinated heirloom pumpkin, a smaller and earlier cousin to Connecticut Field and first offered by Burpee Seed in 1887. The earliest maturing pumpkin in Alaska but still...

Pumpkin, Connecticut Field Pumpkin: Connecticut Field #103

4 g (Approx. 25 to 30 seeds)
An open pollinated heirloom variety domesticated by the Indians before the pilgrims arrived in North America. Noted for dependable yields with a history that predates 1700. The hefty orange...

Peppers: Hungarian Yellow Wax # 83 Peppers: Hungarian Yellow Wax # 83

Net Wt. 400mg (Approx. 35 to 40 seeds)

An old world. open pollinated, heirloom from Hungary that was first brought to the US in 1932. The dependable and productive, early, spicy, northern pickling variety is a cold...

Parsnip: Hollow Crown #53 Parsnip: Hollow Crown #53

2g (Approx. 330 to 340 seeds)

This open pollinated, heirloom variety has been grown in the US since at least the 1850's and is still very popular among gardeners in the know. Mild, smooth, snow white roots are fine-...

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