Heirloom Varieties

GARDEN NATURES WAY Open pollinated heirloom varieties are proven by the test of time. They are simply a taste of the past. Still popular after 100 years, these open pollinated varieties have been prized by gardeners for generations. Denali Seed has a large enough selection of Alaska proven heirloom varieties to plant an entire garden. CLICK ON THE PHOTOS OR THE VARIETY HEADINGS BELOW TO SEE THE COMPLETE PLANT DESCRIPTION.

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Beets: Chioggia #12 Beets: Chioggia #12

3.5g (Approx. 280 to 320 seeds)

An Italian open pollinated heirloom developed before 1840 and introduced to the U.S. before 1865. A sweet, light red variety that when sliced reveals superb alternating scarlet and white...

Beet: Cylindra #19 Beets: Cylindra #19

Net wt. 2g (Approx. 135 to 140 seeds)

A main season, open pollinated Danish heirloom that was introduced to the US in 1892. A variety with small reddish-green tops and produces uniform, smooth, long...

Broccoli, Green Sprouting Calabrese #42 Broccoli: Green Sprouting Calabrese #42

Net Wt. 1.5g (Approx. 380 to 390 seeds)

An open pollinated, heirloom variety that was brought to the US by Italian immigrants...

Brousels Sprouts, Long Island Improved # 112 Brussels Sprouts: Long Island Improved #112

Net Wt. 1.3g (Approx. 180 to 190 seeds)
An open pollinated, heirloom variety developed in the 1890's. A dwarf variety that produces an abundance of large, firm, flavorful dark green sprouts on...

Brussels Sprouts, Roodnerf #172 Brussels Sprouts: Roodnerf #172

Net Wt. 400 mg (Approx. 70 to 80 seeds)

An open pollinated, heirloom bred by Hurst in England, a climate much like Alaska. A popular early variety that yields a heavy crop of sprouts from top to bottom of...

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Cabbage, Early Copenhagen Market Cabbage: Early Copenhagen Market #142

Net Wt. 1.5g (Approx. 330 to 340 seeds)

An open pollinated Danish heirloom introduced by H. Hartman & Company in 1909. The only large, open pollinated, round headed cabbage that is really early. The short stemmed,...

Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield #122

Net Wt. 1.5 g (Approx. 200 to 220 seeds)

An excellent, very early, heirloom introduced in about 1840. A variety developed in the US that quickly grows solid, sweet, tender, two to three pound, five to seven inch...

Carrots: Chantenay Red Cored #162 Carrots: Chantenay Red Cored #162

Net Wt. 2.5g (Approx. 550 to 600 seeds)

An open pollinated, heirloom developed in France in the late 1800's and introduced to the US in 1929. A variety that is stump-rooted, producing roots that are broad shouldered...

Carrots: Danvers 126 #222 Carrots: Danvers 126 #222

2.5g (Approx. 1410 to 1450 seeds)

The original heirloom was developed in Danvers, Massachusetts and dates back to the 1870s, the old standard American carrot, adaptable and dependable. This strain from the...

Carrots: Scarlet Nantes #252 Carrots: Scarlet Nantes #252

2g (Approx. 540 to 550 seeds)

An open pollinated heirloom developed by Vilmorin in France in the 1850's. A main season carrot that produces bright red-orange, fine grained, brittle roots with a distinctively sweet...

Cauliflower, Snowball Early Cauliflower: Snowball Early #272

Net Wt. 450mg (Approx. 180 to 190 seeds)

An early, main crop, open pollinated heirloom introduced to American gardeners in 1888 by Peter Henderson and Company. A Snowball type for short season areas that produces deep,...

Snow Peas, Dwarf Grey Sugar, Edible Podded #51 Chinese Edible Podded: Dwarf Grey Sugar #51

1.25 oz (Approx. 220 to 240 seeds)

An open pollinated Heirloom introduced in 1892 By D. M. Ferry Company. A variety that produces sweet, tender, fleshy, edible pods, 4 1/2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide earlier...

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