Warehouse Location

We apologize to our long time customers that find purchasing Denali Seed mail order inconvenient but in today's marketplace mail order is only economically feasible way for us to sell seed. We have numerous requests from customers that want to visit our warehouse. Our older warehouse was constructed without the safety features required by the municipality for public occupancy so it is impossible for us to assist our customers in person.

Our warehouse has been the seed distribution point for Denali Seed Company since 1991. It is now the distribution point for Bestcoolseeds.com and located at 12101 Division Street in south Anchorage.

The seed in our warehouse is arranged on shelves by stock number so it easy for our employees to pull orders. The system is not self service and almost impossible for a customer to find a variety if we were open to the public.

Currently the hours we occupy the warehouse is based on our workload and we do not keep regular hours which would make it impossible for a customer to just drop in and purchase seed.

We still supply the same quality seed we are known for through the mail. We want to thank our loyal customers for purchasing our seed for nearly forty years.